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The Beauty Of Showing Up For Yourself

Several weeks ago, I started posting videos of myself on my Facebook wall covering songs by artists I like.  Many of my readers may already know this, but long before there was a RevFit to speak of, it was all I wanted in this world to be successful as a musician. I started recording albums […]

Revolutionary You! #185-BONUS-Scott Burgett: Q&A With Plant Based Scotty

I haven’t done an episode like this in some time but in preparation for this bonus episode of the show, I went directly to our RevFit community to ask what questions they were burning to get answered by Scott Burgett (aka Plant Based Scotty) today. In this episode, we talk about myths and misconceptions about […]

Revolutionary You! #184-Amanda Ulaszewski: I’m A New Person

This week, I’ve got another client spotlight with our Amanda Ulaszewski. In this episode, you’ll hear what life events were happening in her life that led her to us and what her transformation story has been like during that time. Like our recent client spotlight with Erin Riffle, I think you’ll find Amanda’s journey equally […]

Do You Have What It Takes To Succeed At Weight Loss?

I want to credit my friend and client, Ned Parks, for inspiring this post. It’s been an honor to work with Ned in efforts to help him reach his health goals. And he has apparently been spreading the word about his experience working with us. As a result, his wife and daughter are now training here […]

Revolutionary You! #182-Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro: Further Into Gut Health

I’m joined this week by Renaissance Periodization’s Gabrielle Fundaro. In this episode, we talk about about the recent science and evidence behind gut health and not only how we can improve it but how it’s affecting our ability to exercise. Gabrielle discusses when and how it’s appropriate to use supplementation and more practical testing to […]

This Strange, Un-Medicated Life

When I first approached our family doctor in the mid-90s with “depression”, he put me on Prozac. I had recently been kicked out of a band I started with a college friend only to be followed up with my girlfriend (at the time) breaking up with me. Hell yes, I was depressed. And Prozac definitely […]

Revolutionary You! #180-Adam Willis: The Journey Of The Empowered Body

Adam Willis is both personal/online trainer with Lean Body Performance and podcast host of The Empowered Body Podcast and I’m honored to share the time with him this week. In this episode, we talk about the obstacles he helps his clients work through to overcome and how his own training has evolved now that he […]

Still Hiding Your Bad Grades?

Throughout my entire life, my father was a Goodyear employee right up until he passed in 2011. As a result of his time there, we moved around a lot (on average every 3 years until I graduated in 1994.) And maybe as a by-product of having to get settled in somewhere, make new friends, adjust […]