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Seduced By The Scale

How’s your relationship with your weight scale? Do you hop on daily (sometimes several times a day) to check and see the fluctuations that can happen during your waking hours or do you hide it, taking days and even weeks away before stepping on to see what the “verdict” is? I have clients that do […]

In It Together

Like many of you, I’ve found the last several days to be confusing, shocking, and fascinating to watch. As a small business owner, I’ve been watching to see how similar businesses are acting/reacting to the chaos around them. Being a part of several organizations who cater to gyms and gym owners like myself, protocols and […]

Revolutionary You! #240-BONUS-David Wood: Getting Unstuck

Life coach David Wood joins me for this week’s bonus episode. David and I talk about the conversations we need to have, not only with ourselves, but with our friends and loved ones to help get unstuck when we can’t seem to make the progress we want in life. David presents tips from his 4-Step […]

Revolutionary You! #239-Krista Scott-Dixon: Know Your Boundaries

Precision Nutrition’s Krista Scott-Dixon returns for her fourth time on the show. You can check out her previous appearances with episodes 66, 92, and 141. In this episode we talk about why our boundaries matter when it comes to our goals, how to know when it’s time to shift your focus on those goals and […]

Chasing Your Values Or Chasing Your Goals?

When Amy first started training with me, weight loss was her primary goal. We talked about why it was important, we talked about how much she wanted to lose and we worked on a calorie plan to help her get there. And since she’s been here, she’s lost twenty pounds to date. I think the […]

Revolutionary You! #238-BONUS-Dr. Lisa Lewis: Psych Skills For Fitness Pros

Dr. Lisa Lewis returns for her fourth time to the show (See episodes #157, #189, and #227). In this bonus episode, we talk about her newest program for fellow coaches called “Psych Skills For Fitness Pros”. Whether you are a coach who wants to learn more about the program before purchasing or a fitness enthusiast […]

Revolutionary You! #237-Kevin Mullins: Fail Forward

This week, I’m honored to welcome fellow coach and author, Kevin Mullins, to the show. In this episode, we talk about the steps we need to take to find more wins in our health journey. There’s a lot here about the way we view our health habits and how to see perceived failures as success […]