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Revolutionary You! #191-Dr. Susan Kleiner: The Case For Grains

For her third appearance on the show (see episodes #135 and #142), Dr. Susan Kleiner joins me to discuss some of her presentation from the 2019 Fitness Summit. She had a fascinating take on what’s been happening with grain production, manufacturing and how our bodies have, in turn, responded to them. An episode fully focused […]

When Your “Better” Isn’t Enough

In theory, the key to weight loss is consume less, move more. It sounds so simple, so frustratingly and insultingly simple. Within that key to weight loss though, is a vast array of complications. Things that we as people and even we as coaches don’t always remember to account for. Years ago, a former client […]

Revolutionary You! #190-BONUS-Lydia Slaby: “Wait, It Gets Worse”

In this week’s bonus episode, I am joined by author and cancer survivor, Lydia Slaby. Her book “Wait, It Gets Worse” came out in March of this year and her story is beyond inspiring. She discusses how cancer affected her and her marriage, as well as the unpredictable detours that occurred after diagnosis and how […]

Revolutionary You! #189-Dr. Lisa Lewis: Stages Of Motivation

When Dr. Lisa Lewis and her husband, Tony Gentilcore, joined me last year for their debut on the show (episode #157) I knew they would be returning again. Having just returned from the 2019 Fitness Summit, Lisa was one of the presenters there. She gave a fantastic presentation on what we know regarding motivation and […]

FitPros You Should Know (Part One)

Coming back from my second trip down to Kansas City for the annual Fitness Summit, it was great to see faces I had the privilege of connecting with last year as well as people who I had been clamoring to meet for some time. It was even more exciting for me to see that of […]

Revolutionary You! #188-Dr. Ann Barter: Collaborative Care

As many of my fellow trainers know, sometimes we have to refer out to other health and wellness practitioners to get more in-depth care when issues arise beyond our scope of practice. Locally, I’ve been fortunate to have chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, etc. to refer out to when needed. I am joined today by […]

Mama’s Boy

I was raised by a father who loved and respected his mother. I was raised by a mother who loves and respects hers. It’s been the rarest of occasions that I have ever seen a man on either side of my family disrespect the matriarch. In full transparency, I definitely had my ages where I […]

Revolutionary You! #186-Josh Hillis: Let The Monsters Ride The Bus

Joining me for his third time, it’s always a pleasure to have Josh Hillis back on the show. You can check out his previous episodes (#71, #121) if you haven’t already heard them for more great insight into his work. This go-round we talk about what he has been up to since he transitioned away […]