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A Life Of Perfection

I woke up yesterday morning: bright-eyed, well-rested. I didn’t even need my alarm clock. Sebastian slept through the night without a stir and Marissa slept well also. My morning coffee was on point, I got some reading in, got my email inbox to zero, washed up without delay and got to work with time to […]

Revolutionary You! #113-BONUS-Peter Baker: The Complete Contest Prep Guide

Peter Baker and Layne Norton have just released a fascinating book that goes into exceptional detail for those looking to dive into physique and bodybuilding competitions. Peter joins me on this week’s bonus episode to discuss his work on the book. There is a great deal of excellent information that would apply to anyone looking […]


*The title of this post was inspired by the George Michael song of a similar name* Julie first heard about me after hearing me on Heather Robertson’s podcast, Half Size Me. If you’d like to hear that episode, you can find it here. Like Heather and myself, Julie also hosts a podcast of her own […]

Revolutionary You! #112-Rafal Matuszewski: Prove Them Wrong

I have the pleasure of turning the tables on fellow podcaster and personal trainer, Rafal Matuszewski, this week. He hosts the excellent show “Cut The S#!t, Get Fit”, which I hope you will tune in to as well. Rafal gets to share more of his personal story of adversity and what he overcame to break […]

Better Man

*The title of this post was taken from the Pearl Jam song of the same name* When my son, Jackson, was about to be baptized in the Catholic church, I went to my Dad to get a better understanding of what that all meant. For the record, I grew up as something of a denominational […]

Revolutionary You! #110-Julie Slowiak: Aligning Values To Goals

Behavioral scientist, Julie Slowiak, joins me in this week’s episode. She discusses her work as Associate Professor of Psychology at University of Minnesota Duluth and founder of InJewel LLC. We tackle the subject of aligning health goals to our values and why this is so important for the success we want to achieve. In spirit […]

A Change Is Gonna Come

*The title of this post was taken from the Sam Cooke song of the same name* Are your social gatherings and business trips getting in the way of your weight loss goals? I can assure you, you are not alone. Many of our clients are busy, working professionals. They attend charity events, business luncheons, and […]

Revolutionary You! #109-Ross Leppala: Mindset Strategies

I am joined this week by Reactive Training Systems Coach and elite powerlifter, Ross Leppala. Ross and I discuss simple and effective strategies for harnessing your mindset and preparing for success. In this, you’ll hear his thoughts on the power of visualization, underestimated power of gratitude and more. To learn more about Ross’s work connect […]