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Your Support System Isn’t Just Sort Of Important, It’s Vital

I’ve just returned from a weekend long fitness seminar (The Fitness Summit) where some of the finest minds in my industry came together to educate, network and socialize to see each other succeed. I have kicked myself routinely over the years for not taking it more seriously to attend events like this and finally made […]

Revolutionary You! #119-Gar Benn: Comprehensive Coaching

Sigma Nutrition’s Gar Benn joins me this week to discuss the advancements they have been making in coaching their clients. While this may on the surface seem to appeal only to other coaches and trainers, Gar and I break down how the same principles can apply if you are only looking to advance your own […]

Nine Years: “I Never Thought I’d Be Able To Do This”

I think that sometimes I look back on the first nine years of business here at RevFit and the picture is very clear. I am cognizant of the victories, the struggles, the days it felt like we could do no wrong and the days it felt I could get none of it right. Most business owners […]

Forgiveness: The Weight Loss Supplement That Can’t Be Bought Or Sold

Drawing a line connecting my clients where those who have succeeded and those who are trying to succeed are more aligned, there is one area that many tend to overlook. Those who have mastered the art of forgiving their dietary detours succeed time and time again. But you won’t hear much about it because it’s […]

Weight Loss For Busy Parents

There is so much pressure on parents these days. What shots to give (or not give), organic food or conventional, scheduled nap times or intuitive, germ-friendly or germ-ophobe, you make the best decisions you can even when it means they may not be the perfect decisions and sometimes your friends, social media, and parenting manuals […]

Revolutionary You! #116-Hannah Howard: Feast

Hannah Howard is the best-selling author of the new book “Feast: True Love In and Out of the Kitchen.” She joins me this week to give you a little teaser just before she hits a domestic tour to promote it. “Feast” discusses not only Hannah’s struggles with eating disorders but how her romantic relationships and […]

True Grit

“You should be dead by now.” That’s what the doctors told Hugh after some tests were run on him following a series of ischemic strokes. He got some of his affairs in order on the outside chance that he not survive his surgery and he went in for an aortic valve replacement and quadruple bypass […]

Revolutionary You! #115-Sarah Ashman, RD: A Primer On Gut Health

Sarah Ashman, RD returns to the show after her excellent primer on functional nutrition and this week we dive into gut health. If you wanted to know more about fiber, prebiotics, probiotics, and more THIS is the place to start. As always Sarah is an amazing source of information and you might find yourself taking […]