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Your Commitment Issues Are Keeping You From Losing Weight

It would be easy to blame social media for this problem. Like you, I find myself constantly bombarded by online personalities and marketing messages trying their best to convince me of the healthiest way to eat, the most effective fat-burning exercises and the superfood recipes that I haven’t tried which would solve all of my […]

I’m Excellent At Nothing (And I’m Good With That.)

Maybe it’s because I was raised by two parents who, despite all their talents and successes remained very humble about them. I have never had that resounding feeling like “Wow, I’m really awesome at this!” Even all of the years I spent as a musician; recording, performing and writing, I never felt like I was […]

Is There A Simpler Solution To Your Weight Loss?

Take your pick: low fat diet, low carb diet, high fat diet, moderate carb diet, vegan diet, ketogenic diet, Mediterranean diet, gluten-free diet, intermittent fasting with a 8 hour eating window, intermittent fasting with a 24 hour fast, detoxes, cleanses and Colon Blast 3000 (this is not a real thing, yet.) When did we start […]

Revolutionary You! #122-Chip Conrad: Consider Yourself A Beginner

BodyTribe’s Chip Conrad joins me this week to discuss not only his book “Are You Useful?” but some of his training philosophies as well. This episode does not do Chip the justice he deserves as I feel the aforementioned book and his videos on YouTube do a much greater service to him. This is a […]

How I Learned To Stop Suffering And Find Some Self-Worth

The day I decided to stop using drugs was not a particularly special day. It was sometime in the summer of 2006 on a not so remarkable evening. Nothing earth-shattering had happened during my day. No drama at work or in my relationship at the time.  I was sitting in my room getting high.  I […]

Revolutionary You! #121-Georgie Fear, Roland Fisher, Josh Hillis, Sarah Campbell, Maryclaire Brescia and Kara Beutel: One By One Nutrition Answers Your Burning Questions

It’s the first time I’ve assembled a guest list like this and we had a blast doing it! I welcome back the return of former guests: Georgie Fear, Roland Fisher, Josh Hillis, and Sarah Campbell plus the debut of Maryclaire Brescia and Kara Beutel as the One By One Nutrition team tackles the topics with […]

Imagine…Living As If No One Were Watching

Imagine…if you never had to worry about someone’s opinions on your current diet. Imagine…if you had no concerns about what you looked like when you exercise in front of others. Imagine…if the ideal body that popular media tried to sell you had literally no effect on your self-esteem and self worth. Imagine…if the weight loss […]

Revolutionary You! #120-Dr. Kevin Folta: GMOs: Friend or Foe?

I am joined this week by Dr. Kevin Folta, professor and chairman of the Horticulture Sciences Department at the University of Florida. He and I discuss some common misconceptions about genetically modified organisms and pesticides and how they affect our food. This is always a hot button topic and I have always found Dr. Folta’s […]