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Bred For Convenience, Doomed To Failure

Several times a week, I get that dopamine hit. That instant surge of gratification from 1-click purchasing, drive-thru ordering, scan-and-pay apps…you know what I’m talking about. We more than just a nation built on convenience, we’ve nearly dominated the planet with it. We wanted faster, we got that. We wanted fewer steps to get our […]

Revolutionary You! #130-Diana Kidd: I Don’t Fear Death

I have the great pleasure of sharing time with fellow trainer and coach Diana Kidd. This was a very special episode for me because I have been following Diana’s work for some time and have always found her base of knowledge and insight to be similar to my own. That being said, Diana has been […]

Small But Mighty (Sydnee’s Story)

When Sydnee started with me a few months ago, I really had no idea what to expect from her. Her mom, Debra, has known me for about as long as I’ve had my business and while we have always stayed connected via social media we rarely crossed paths over the years. So, it was a […]

Revolutionary You! #129-Jim Hart: Training The Over 50 Active Man

Jim Hart joins me this week bringing decades of experience to the episode to discuss considerations for training men over 50 years of age. As we continue to learn more about the human body and the aging process, Jim has continued to refine his approach from exercise, to diet and supplementation with his clientele. Tune […]

Show Your Scars If You Want To Heal

It was Memorial Day Weekend, 1996. I had just stormed out of my house after an argument with my parents. The topic of which has escaped me but I would imagine it was not as dramatic as I made it out to be back then. I had recently been put on Prozac to combat some […]

Ladies Of Iron

As I have watched my business evolve since we opened in 2009, there have been a lot of shifts in the fitness industry. By most accounts, the industry itself could still be considered in relative infancy so it makes sense when old-fashioned and ill-informed philosophies change over time. It wasn’t that long ago, that women […]

Revolutionary You! #126-BONUS-Jon Goodman: Fitness Marketing Monthly

Jon Goodman is the creator of the largest collaborative blog for personal trainers, The Personal Trainer Development Center (The PTDC) and the founder of the world’s first certification of online trainers. He’s the author of 7 books including Ignite The Fire, Viralnomics and the seminal textbook on online training. Jon has been featured in Men’s […]