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Are You Blaming Your Heritage For Your Food Choices?

In 1975, I was born in a little town in Tennessee called Union City. My father was a Dutch immigrant and my mother was also a native Tennessean who was born in a town even smaller than my hometown. And I think about my upbringing with all of the foods associated with those places and […]

Revolutionary You! #142-Dr. Susan Kleiner: The Focus On Female Nutrition

I tipped my hat to this with the prior release just a few weeks ago (#135) with Dr. Susan Kleiner. As continued build up to her new book “The New Power Eating”, we continue our conversation about the changes she made in this new version. This episode is completely focused on female nutrition. This is […]

Why Am I Doing This Only To Fail?

The title of this article was taken from the very question Hugh asked me during his workout last week. For some great background on him, you may want to read this article first. He had just been getting warmed up with his set of squats when he asked those words “Why Am I Doing This […]

Revolutionary You! #141-Krista Scott-Dixon: How Are Coaches As Clients?

Back for her third appearance after two great episodes with me (#66 and #92), Precision Nutrition’s Krista Scott-Dixon returns this week. In this episode we talk about Krista’s experience being the nutrition coach to other coaches in the industry. We compare the similarities and differences between the obstacles someone from the general population struggles with […]

Are You Really Willing To Change?

There’s a saying in the world of small business ownership: evolve or die. And that saying has embedded itself in my mind since 2009 when “RevFit” started. There is not only the feeling that change must occur so that growth (or transformation) can happen but the equal pull of trying to figure out what must […]

The Case For And Against Your Minimum Effective Dose

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve had to completely change the way I train. The decision was based on the fact that as my business continues to grow at RevFit, my available time to get in my own workout diminishes. I’m not the type who can work out simply for the sake of moving […]

Are You Diet Hopping Your Way To Nowhere?

Working with both online and face-to-face clients, I’ve learned a painful lesson: Most people can’t follow a diet plan. Let me clarify that statement. It’s not that they are physically unable to do so. And it’s definitely not because they’re ignorant, lazy or have broken metabolism. I have the honor of working with some of […]