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Killing Off The Person You’re Running From

It was 2003 and I had just moved to Tennessee from Ohio with the woman who would be Jackson’s mom (we were still dating at the time.) It seemed like the right time and place to start fresh. She and I were both trying to restart our lives in a new location and I was […]

Revolutionary You! #195-Patrick Umphrey: The 3rd Annual Au-Some Father’s Day

As the title suggests, Patrick Umphrey joins me again for our 3rd annual chat about fatherhood, autism, coaching and more. Patrick remains a fantastic guy, loving father, and a great coach who oversees a tremendous fitness community on Facebook called Eat, Train, Progress. You can learn more about his work by searching for and joining […]


There are typically three times throughout a given year when I feel most compelled to write about my Dad: the anniversary of his passing (March 23), Father’s Day and his birthday (August 18.) Each year that passes since he did, I try to think about lessons he taught me, memories I shared with him and […]

Revolutionary You! #194-BONUS-Nancy Gass: The Rise Of Nikola Rosa

On this week’s bonus episode, I welcome Nancy Gass (a.k.a Nikola Rosa.) She and I recently met at The Fitness Summit and unlike the majority of the attendees she is not a fitness professional. She is, however, connected with a very popular guest of ours in Kelly Coffey. Nancy’s personal story I found equally intriguing […]

Maybe A Little Less Self-Hatred Was The Answer All Along

Growing up, I never recall hearing things from my parents that made me doubt my own abilities. Neither my mother nor my father would tell me things about myself that made it seem like I was incapable of being someone of value. All of my unhappiness with myself seemed to come from other places. I […]

Revolutionary You! #192-Dr. Yoni Freedhoff: How Do We Feed Our Kids?

He remains one of my most popular guests so I’m always honored to bring back Dr. Yoni Freedhoff to the show. His previous episodes were #37 and #136 respectively. On this week’s episode, we dive into the sensitive subject of the diets our children are exposed to and the best ways to navigate the food […]

The Stubborn Asshole’s Guide To Weight Loss

Confession: I am a stubborn asshole. And I’ve realized over all these years here at RevFit that many of my clients are as well. (I mean that affectionately!) Let me try and dig myself out of this one…can you hand me that shovel? Male, female, young, old, most of us have this stubborn quality about […]