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Revolutionary You! #248-Josh Hillis: “Lean & Strong”

Josh Hillis returns for his fourth appearance on the show (See episodes 71, 121, and 186). This week, we are talking specifically about his brand new book “Lean & Strong”. We tackle a section of that book related to what Josh calls ‘The Wise Five’. This episode is coming out nearly a year to the […]

Put Down The Fork

In last week’s article, there was something I touched on with regard to diet strategies and things to work on when weight loss isn’t necessarily the conducive route to follow. I wanted to elaborate some more on this strategy in hopes that it helps some of you. Because of the nature of my work, I […]

Revolutionary You! #247-Lucy Hendricks: How We Are Transitioning Business

Coach Lucy Hendricks of Enhancing Life joins me this week. In this episode, we discuss how each of our respective businesses have transitioned from face-to-face training over to the virtual landscape. Lucy and I saw a lot of similar responses across the board not only for ourselves but for our clients. As we in the […]

Should You Even Be Setting Health Goals Now?

Last week, I wrote about some things that were working for myself and my clients as we all learn to acclimate and navigate our lives due to limitations with quarantines and the virus. This week, I want to touch on the kind of goals worth setting during a time like this. Something I’ve made a […]

Just Try

It’s going to be difficult for me to write about much else except the way the Coronavirus has been affecting not only me, but my clients, for as long as it’s currently going on. If you’ve been struggling, as many of my clients have, to gain some footing and some momentum while we have all […]

Where Do We Go From Here?

There’s an adage in the small business community: evolve or die. And as the world around us responds, reacts and navigates the efforts of international requests on the Coronavirus pandemic, every small business owner I know is learning the painful process of evolving or dying. There are twelve businesses in the plaza where RevFit is […]