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You Don’t Get A Gold Star For Starvation

When I sit down with a potential weight loss client, there is a lot of discussion about health history, current life/life stressors, goals, and nutrition. When we talk about nutrition it’s with the understanding that every individual has their maintenance intake. In other words, eat “this much” and your body will essentially not change in […]

Revolutionary You! #202-BONUS-Dr. Jose Greenspon: Introducing Teen LIFT

On the heels of my most recent episode with Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, I connected with Dr. Jose Greenspon, a Missouri-based pediatric surgeon who also follows Dr. Yoni’s work. He has been collaborating on a program to help combat obesity in teens by creating a platform that encourages healthier eating, more activity and a positive support […]

Revolutionary You! #201-Pam Holtz: Head Up, Eyes Forward

It was time to put the spotlight back on one of our RevFit rockstars and this week I get to introduce you to Pam Holtz. Pam has not only seen great weight loss results but has seen a complete transformation in self-confidence and self-image. Tune in to see how she manages this as well as […]

Still Winning, Still Failing

I’ve had some time to reflect on my recent conversation with fellow trainer/coach Leigh Peele which was released as the 200th episode of the podcast. It can be so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of this business that while I catch certain successes, I tend to miss others. Sometimes I can sense […]

Me, Myself And This Ungodly Life Of Stress

My life is kind of stressful. I own a thriving business. I am a husband, a father of two boys, and a son. I provide the primary income that my family lives on. I host a podcast, write this blog, release content to social media at a mind-spinning rate, I am a voracious reader, I […]

Revolutionary You! #199-Alex Pearson: The Black Hole Of Human Behavior

I welcome Lift The Bar’s Alex Pearson this week to discuss what he calls “The Black Hole of Human Behavior.” Alex contributes a significant amount of education to personal trainers in efforts to help them explain why clients succeed, why they fail and some of the psychological realities in play when life gets in the […]

Someday You’ll Love Me…and I Will Be Whole

Up until my marriage to Marissa, I had always struggled with relationships. It would be some combination of the wrong fit, the wrong time, the wrong expectations, everything would just be wrong. Some relationships would end prematurely. Almost as if they should have lasted longer (in my mind) and didn’t. Others probably lasted too long […]

Revolutionary You! #198-BONUS-Meghan Callaway: The Ultimate Landmine Program

Joining me for the fifth time (check out episodes 62, 89, 118, and 128) on the show, Meghan Callaway returns and she has a brand-spanking-new program coming out tomorrow called The Ultimate Landmine Program. Following up on the tremendous success of The Ultimate Pull-Up Program, Meghan talks about why she went this direction with her […]