Author: Jason Leenaarts

Want Change? Be Different.

I’ve always applauded my son Jackson for how he’s evolved with autism. Granted, it wasn’t done alone. It’s taken the help of a school focused on children with developmental disabilities and many hours and years of additional therapies to make even the smallest changes in his behaviors. Ask any parent of a special needs child: […]

Revolutionary You! #254-Michael Keeler: Take Care Of Yourself

I’m honored to welcome co-owner of Mark Fisher Fitness and Business For Unicorns, Michael Keeler, to his debut on the show. Mark was previously a guest back on episode #85 and it has taken me too long to get Michael on as well. This week, we discuss the evolution of MFF and the origins of […]

How We Restart

When news of the Coronavirus first started having an effect on me, I was hearing about what was happening in other countries and I thought that maybe the U.S. wouldn’t be hit as hard. I was wrong. When I started hearing about how other states were affected by the virus, including lockdowns, business closures and […]

Revolutionary You! #253-BONUS-Chris Liddle: A Strong Sense Of Purpose

Fellow coach and podcast host (see The Lifestyle Chase), Chris Liddle makes his debut on the show this week. I wanted to hear Chris’s perspective and take on how the pandemic has been affecting him both personally and professionally. He brings the angle of being an independent trainer working for a larger facility in Canada […]

Revolutionary You! #252-Meghan Callaway: Progress Is Not A Straight Line

Returning to the show for a record 7th time, Meghan Callaway is back (see Episodes 62, 89, 118, 128, 150 and 198). In this episode we talk about her most recent program release “The Ultimate Push-Up Program”, how she continues to push the envelope with her own training and why embracing the stages of progressions […]

The Damaged Leading The Way

There was a certain amount of solace in starting this business in 2009. I’d overcome a lot and endured a lot to come out on the other end of things relatively unscathed. Last year, when I went back to therapy after many years away there were things that were starting to slip through the cracks. […]

Revolutionary You! #251-Nikki Naab-Levy: Pandemic Proof?

Nikki Naab-Levy joins me for her third time on the show (see episodes #147 and #164). She is a PMA-CPT Pilates teacher, licensed massage therapist, and certified functional strength coach with over a decade of experience helping clients build strength and overcome injury. She holds a B.S. in Exercise Science and a B.S. in Magazine […]

And What The Hell Is “Normal” Anyway?

Count me in among the many who have been trying to acclimate to “The New Normal” with this pandemic. Professionally, it’s been about trying to provide the best services we could to our clients despite the transition from face-to-face training into the virtual landscape. We’ve learned that, now more than ever, our clients are working […]

Revolutionary You! #250-Hugh McIvor: I Don’t Quit

For this milestone 250th episode of the show, I went for a client spotlight. I’ve worked with the McIvor family in some capacity for most of the time I’ve been in business. Over the last couple of years, I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Hugh McIvor, who we affectionately call “Mr. Grit”. Anyone […]

11 Years

It feels strange celebrating the 11 year anniversary of RevFit. Starting this year, we were continuing our trend of year-by-year growth. That’s an amazing thing to think about. Then, we spent the last half of March and all of April watching the Coronavirus affect nearly every possible industry including our own. While we did make […]